Where is everybody ?!? Visit us at the OC Fair!

Sounds like Mandy's got her hands full at The Reptile Zoo, but here at the Orange County Fair we're wondering where all the crowds went?

It's summertime in Orange County, you should either be soaking in the sun at the US Open in Huntington Beach or  strolling at the OC Fair... so where are you? Right now Rocky, our 8 foot Granite Burmese Python is getting a little bored. She hasn't posed with an excited family in a while, and I think we should change that. So head over to our booth for The Reptile Zoo and Jurassic Parties in the Fun Zone at the OC Fair. Hurry so you won't miss a chance to pet Scarlett, the Savannah monitor, and learn interesting reptile facts from Kayla and Juliette as well


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