Who gets to pull the next Retic Clutch?????

Ok guys, so here's the deal.... Jay just went home but I really Really really wanna pull the next retic clutch and he said I could if that's what you guys wanted!!!! So please please comment on this post and say you want me to pull the next clutch! I will reward you with something special!


Here’s what you guys said!




Thomas Eldib Pull the clutch!

Unique Pythons Pull that clutch!!!!

Chris Pilkington Pull them. But Give me a baby!!!

Rob Doss Pull with Video so we can Laugh and so you will have proof of the fan request.

Jordan Shume Pull the clutch!!!!

Dakotah Thacker pull the clutch!

Ben Sanchez-Kenobi haha go for it..i want to see you get bit by an angry retic.

Michael Delozier go for it!!!

Natasha Beckett pull it!!

Kevin Krug pull the clutch!

Sandy Kennedy PULL IT!!!!!

Chrissy Serenity pull it, pull it, pull it!

Chris Schoonmaker PULL THE CLUTCH!!!!

Lucy Perinovic pull the clutch

Craig Robert Leach <Monomaniacal Robot Voice> Pull The Next Clutch</Monomaniacal Robot Voice>

Sam Ahlman DO IT!!!!!!

Anne Kirby pull it!!! please!!! i wanna see

David De Witt Pull the clutch!!11!1!1!1!1!1!!!!!!1!1

Keenan O'Keefe do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get some awsome morphs!!

Dani D Yeah man, do it!!!! :-D

Ken Trujillo You've got my vote! Pull 'em!

Nathan Gunter do it!

Chris Allison Pull it. But from what I saw a couple weeks ago I don't think they will be as pretty. ALMOST made me want a retic. :-)

Turtleman Jim pull dem little suckers

Alexandra Shuster Pull it!!!! High purple please!

Kelsey Cpk Pleaseeeeeeeee!!! I wanna see 'em!

Tim Blair Pull it. You gotta pull that clutch.

Zack Montano do it

Cody Mulanax You better pull that clutch or I will be dissapointed!

Paul J. Ramirez go for it!

Thomas David PULL PULL hell yeah

Irene B. Smithi Pull the Clutch!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gene Lockhart So pull it already!

Ron Frazier You can do it! Pull it!

Loc Dinh Tran Let her pull the clutch and good luck!

Ben Hall Use the force, Luke

Malcolm Field so let it be written, so let it be done

Michelle F. Becker you have my vote!

Art Bradford Hell yah..Dont roll any of them eggs.. It takes at least two folks... call me for help

Adrian Pyter You can do it!! Every one trust you!

Susan Chaffee Even I trust you....not that that is saying much! lol Pull!

Trish Danes yes please pull it

Joseph Elequang Pull the cluth,ofcourse :D

Savannah Boan Yaaaaaaay! Im gonna show jay this in the mornin! Thx guys! he has to let me do it now!

Arno Naude You have to film it or else it does not count.

Adam DeOliveira Do It Now What Are You Waiting For....Get To The Choppa!

Melissa Frankford Pull the next clutch! Always enjoy those vids, fun to watch. :)

Tariq Mujeeb likes this.

Jennifer Courtemanche Pull!

Spring Pace do it and take a pic!!!!

In 24 days, I will pull the next retic clutch!

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Chad United States, on 11/26/2010 12:44:49 AM Said:

So how come what I say never makes it on here huh?

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