Who's in my house??


So with everything going on here...cementing, painting, wierd smells, loud noises...how are the animals taking it??

Well, they know something strange is happening, but they don't seem to mind.  Mainly they have this newfound curiosity and activity.

Here we see a male water monitor sizing up our renovation guy, Lance.  Its as if he's saying "What are you up to?  I run this place".


For the ones that don't watch our every move, they seem to "act" like they have no concern....sneaky.  Here, our Panther Chameleon "pretends" not to notice as Lance files down the cement right outside his cage.


And of course, there are the ones that just don't care....


So, in all, our tough critters are adapting quite well to the chaos.  Come keep them company, they LOVE the attention!



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