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I have wanted to feature this creature for some time now...because he is so gorgeous! I am sure a lot of you herpers out there have heard of these handsome little guys, but for those of you who haven' Guillermo, the Panther Chameleon!!

These Chameleons love the tropical forests of Madagascar. They grow up to 20 inches...with females usually ending up half that size. They live around 10 years in captivity. Panther Chameleons have a variety of different color displays, but the common misconception is that it is based on their background. Chameleons actually change their colors subconsciously, when affected by temperature, mood, and light. Females will even turn dark brown with orange stripes while gravid, to signify to the males that they have no intention of mating.

These beautiful critters definitely make for a very exotic pet...but they are VERY finicky, and require precise environmental conditions. One which mirrors the jungle, with proper light, heat, and humidity, would be best for these high-maintenance well as a nice assortment of worms, crickets, and even roaches.

So, our Panther Chameleon...which Mandy and I named "Guillermo" (Mo for short)...doesn't change his color much, we try to keep his environment very stable. However, I know many of you are chomping at the bit to see it happen, so I found a link to a cool YouTube video! If you have never seen one change, its pretty subtle...mainly darker shades to lighter shades...maybe getting rid of the dark altogether (especially when in in the video) pay attention to the "lightening up" of the colors. Pretty cool....Enjoy!

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