the Itsy Bitsy Spider!

the Itsy Bitsy Spider....It’s the Tuesday after Memorial Day weekend and outside California is not sunny or hot at all! It’s cool and breezy and a tad bit overcast. Where I am, inside this fluorescent, UVB bulbble (and yes, I meant to spell bulbble, like bulb and bubble together, its new word I just invented) of a Reptile Zoo it is bright and warm and toasty and I am absorbing vitamin D and processing calcium at an enormous rate! My bones and shell are growing strong and I am resisting MBD!!!! I am slowly but surely turning into something I was not before this time in my life. My skin is no longer sun-kissed like it was when I was in Florida but my brain is filling up with new things. Is it a fair trade-off? I’m not quite sure yet, I know I don’t want scales but lotion is a good solution for that I think. Reality is that no matter how much I think I know, I really don’t. Learn as you go, that’s what Lynda tells me, and Jay is good for giving helpful information too.

I can honestly say that when I came to work here, I had no idea how much was involved in building a Reptile Zoo and taking care of all the animals here. It’s funny the differences in all the employees favorites too. What I think is beautiful in this place might be the ugliest specimen of that particular breed of snake ever, but since I don’t know that, my vantage point is definitely different! I like things that have eyes that bug out, hahahahah, and I like the animal’s things that have bad attitudes. I say bad, but maybe I just mean temperamental. I held a brown Huntsman spider this morning (the boss man wouldn't let me hold the orange one!) and she didn’t bite me, the mangrove snakes have bitten me twice already but I still like them better, and I’m not quite sure why?

Any thoughts on the matter?

Much love!



I am turning into this!

see how nice! the orange one was waaaaay brighter!



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