the best place on earth


Hi my name is Ben

I am 11 years old, and these are the things I think about The Reptile Zoo.

·       It’s the best place that I have ever been in 11 years.

·       I think this place has the best number one snakes in the world.

·       I think Jay is a great person and he teaches me how to work with snakes.

·       I think Twinkie is a sweet snake, but when I first got in her cage I was a little worried but she was nice.

·       Retics and ball pythons are my favorite snakes.

·       I think Savannah is cool, because she is writing this.

·       I like the way the cages in The Reptile Zoo are really creative.

·       Linda is a great woman and she takes the best care of the animals and I like people like that.

·       I like the alligator cage that is getting set up and I hope Jay gets the glass to set the alligators up soon.

·       There is no other place that I like better than The Reptile Zoo.

·       I think Tim O’Reilly is really good with the retics and he lets me hold the nicer ones.

·       When I grow up I wanna become a herpetologist.

·       I think Kayla is a great employee and also works well with the snakes up front.

·       Everything here is fun I would like to quit school and stay here.




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